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GUSTO’s Events

    October 2011
    Leadforce International Bicycle Co., Ltd was registered.
    January 2012
    Leadforce established a R&D department in Holland for carbon fiber R&D.
    February 2012 Launching Press Conference
    Taipei factory was being set up and started mass production; Launcher, Genesis SL1 series were officially in mass production. A press conference was held to kick off the launch.
    October 2012
    Gusto sells over 1,000 bicycles during the past 6 months.
    (From April to October ,2012)
    January, 2013
    Becoming the top one brand for fiber carbon bikes in Taiwan.
    March, 2013
    RCA series, aerodynamic bikes, is officially announced.
    May, 2013
    The service is firstly introduced “Buy bike and Get free maintenance” in Taiwan.
    August, 2013
    Taichung represented cycling team is sponsored by Gusto.
    October, 2013
    Our leading brand of retailer stores “ATTAQUE” have been established in the asia-pacific region.
    December, 2013
    The first professional cycling team “Team Gusto” has been set up in Taiwan. We firstly provide Taiwanese riders with the skilled education and training in order to create the cycling environment and cultivate our riders becoming professionals.