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Urge to create

The beautiful historic town of Delft (Holland)— is the location of Delft University of Technology and Research Center of Applied Sciences. Thus, it is also known as “the Town of Knowledge.” Attributed to the unique corporation system of its academic field and businesses, Holland’s contemporary industrial design is widely known for the level of innovation and practical value. The businesses and the government greatly support academic research and apply the new results. This is the motivation of the progress in Dutch society and business. Centered in Delft, Gusto’s design team fully incorporates excellent talents and research resource when developing bicycles. In nature, it is a creative team keeps finding a balance in innovation and practical use.

Work with bikers

Holland has the highest bike riding rate in the world. There are many amateur bikers among the Dutch designers. Starting from the concept of each new model to the development of each component, Gusto chooses not to only follow European trends, but also incorporate the ultimate demand of the bikers. Using the feedback from bicycle riders, the next generation of bicycle models can be developed.

School cooperation

Gusto proactively looks for cooperation opportunities with universities and cities. Currently, we work with Industrial Design Department, Delft University of Technology to develop new bikes. The model for cooperation with the university, is to start development with the goal of participating in design competitions. We started with the study of urban mobility of the next generation. Through school cooperation, Gusto will make a prototype of the bicycle for the future.