2020 RCR DURO Sport Ultra


  • Japan Toray Carbon Fibre T-1000
  • US INNEGRATM High Modulus Shock Absorbing Polypropylene Fiber Material
  • UCI Certified Bike
  • Assigned by Europe GUSTO professional team
  • Life Warranty


2020 RCR Team Duro Limited Team Limited Edition Is the First to Launch!

In the long-distance race test, Team Duro with the most outstanding performance has decided to include this RCR Team’s all-rounded bike in the racing bike list of GUSTO’s Professional Team in 2020.   In response to different race distances and road conditions, these two first-class bike frames will become the winning weapon for the team in the 2020 championship.   Meanwhile, many national champions will be switching to the RCR Team Duro making it their designated bike.  With its highly acclaimed test results, it is expected that RCR Team Duro will soon set off a hot whirlwind in the market.

【Gusto 2020 RCR Team Duro Perfect Combination of Technology and Aesthetics!】

The bow-shaped frame design and high-modulus damping material (INNEGRATM USA), the upper tube and the rear upper crossbar of the bike’s body greatly reduce the pain caused by the long-term grip, the seat cushion position, the ride, and possible sports injuries.

The special arch-type damping design (ARCUS DAMPING DESIGN) on the frame structure will bring the stability and comfort of the cockpit to the extreme.


Apart from the 2020 GUSTO European professional cycling team that has decided to use this bike in the long-distance race, it is also the designated bike for many champions of various countries in the 2020 UCI Europe Tour.

The frame design is bold and adopts the most popular Asymmetric finishing design in Europe. The GUSTO family products have subverted the old-fashioned appearance of traditional bicycles in the concept of “aesthetics”.

The perfect balance of asymmetry brings the greatest visual impact. The professional team’s exclusive RCR Team Duro, a new visual revolutionary product combined with technology and aesthetics, will definitely make you the roaring tiger, the most eye-catching and shining star at the race track!

INNEGRATM and Japan’s TORAY Torayca T1000 Polyacrylonitrile-based Carbon Composite Technology

INNEGRATM, the world’s leading material, is the world’s lightest high-performance fiber.  Its high-modulus material properties and Japan’s Toraya T1000 high-rigidity carbon fiber material have greatly improved the frame rigidity and the shock absorption stability of the bike through the carbon composite technology developed by the GUSTO R&D team. The high-rigidity and high-modulus (toughness) top carbon composite technology will greatly reduce the pain or possible sports injuries caused by bumpy roads during long-distance riding.

Arcus Damping Design Bow Damping Design

The special bow-type damping design (Arcus Damping Design) on the frame mechanism absorbs the uncomfortable feeling of the bumpy ground, and the bow-shaped frame design and high-modulus damping material (INNEGRATM USA), the upper tube and the rear upper crossbar of the bike’s body greatly reduce the pain caused by the long-term grip, the seat cushion position, the ride, and possible sports injuries.

Full Set Shimano R7000 Shift/Brake System

2019 RCR Te Elite using full set Shimano 105 all new upgraded R7000, completed full set Shimano 105 R7000 Shift/Brake system to ensure the perfect matches between the parts and power retention. It will become the supportive groupset that beginner riders choose to help them train for, and ride in more serious races. 

Aero Dynamic Attaque Carbon Clincher wheelset

Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI ) Approved for professional racing use.

The design of wheel set is based on Aero Dynamic analysis.

The special shape of the surface creates low wind resistance and reduces the air turbulence

Selle Italia Novus Boost Saddle

Short version saddle is coming in new generation, saddle on RCR TE Elite, Italia premium brand Selle Italia is 100% handmade by Italia to making the latest NOVUS BOOST saddle. To integrate the Novus line it comes the Novus Boost Superflow. Its compact shape with the innovative bevelled tip making for a wholly adaptable sit, the double-density padding just on the strategic zone of the saddle and the large cut on the centre from the Superflow technology make this saddle the newest of the last generations.


XTRM Bar Tape

Using the highest level of anti-dirty PU material, non-general foam material can be repeated scrub, 0.3mm thick design to enhance the overall comfort of the grip.